Wargaming Tables

Demand for wargaming tables is always high, so please please book a table to ensure you're not dissappointed. We have three 8x4' tables and two 4x4' tables with a ton of terrain and battleboards

Weekly Events and Clubs

Check out our Facebook pages for recent events, but as a rule, we have the following regular weeklies taking place... Nintendo Tuesdays X-Wing Wednesdays Yu-Gi-Oh Thursdays Pokemon Sundays Kids D&D Sundays

Lending Library (Covid)

Wtih Covid causing nightmares all over the place, we're aware that socialing may not be as easy as before and therefore we are now introducing a borrow the game function.

Booking a DM

Looking to play D&D but not sure where to begin... try booking a session or a regular spot with one of our inhouse DM's

Free Fruit and Cordial

We have free fruit and cordial for children (while it lasts!)

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