For many people when asked about board games, they think Monopoly, Cluedo, Scrabble and sometimes, Chess.

When faced with board game cafes, they don't really know where to start and might not want to look foolish by having to ask.

Let us try and take some of the great unknowns and use our experience, expertise and general geekiness to try and steer you through the depths.

According to BoardGameGeek, the largest board gaming site on the internet, there are almost 100,000 different board games and expansions in their database and that number grows every week.

Bean has between four and five hundred games in their library, almost a drop in the ocean compared to the BGG 100k figure.

But we know our stuff. We know which games are good for new players, which ones suit those looking for something new, which ones suit younger gamers, which ones take less than an hour to play and which ones need huge tables or small tables.

So whether you're new, experienced or just even want to buy a game as a gift for someone, the below links should help and if you don't find exactly what you're looking for, ask us either through the contact us forms, or in person at Bean.

Bean's Boardgame Cafe

Bean's Buying Guides