Five major powers struggle for supremacy. Germany and Japan are aligned against the great alliance of the United Kingdom, The Soviet Union, and the United States. Two to five people can play the Axis & Allies: 1941 game. Each player controls one or more of the Axis/Allied powers.

On the map are five national capitals: Washington DC, London, Moscow, Berlin, and Tokyo. The Allies begin the game controlling Washington, London, and Moscow. The Axis begin the game controlling Berlin and Tokyo. On your turn, you build, deploy, manoeuvre, and command army divisions, air wings, and naval fleets to loosen your foes’ hold on their territories. On your opponents’ turns, they will bring their forces against you. The more territories you hold, the more weapons you can build—and the more powerful those weapons can be.

Whatever your experience, as a player of this game you’ll be confronted by many of the same strategic and economic challenges that the actual leaders of that time and place did.

Show your brilliance as a military strategist by planning your attacks, directing your forces, and conquering the right territories at the right time.

Axis & Allies 1941

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