High-quality hard plastic 30mm scale miniatures, representing iconic characters from the 1986 film ALIENS™.


Perfect for painters and collectors, or to enhance your table-top roleplaying experience.

Includes two plastic sprues and instruction sheets to build:

Ellen Ripley,

Lt. Scott Gorman,

Sgt. Al Apone,

Cpl. Dwayne Hicks,

Pvt. William L. Hudson,

Pvt. Jenette Vasquez,

Pvt. Mark Drake,

Pvt. Ricco “Frosty” Frost,

Cpl. Cynthia Dietrich,

Pvt. Tim Crowe,

Pvt. Trevor Wierzbowski,

Carter Burke

Rebecca “Newt” Jorden


Aliens: Heroes of Hadley's Hope


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