Something is wrong in Hadley's Hope.

Walking through the dark corridors, you can see a one-sided struggle went down here. Sparking wires and flickering lights give you some fleeting glimpses of the carnage. Debris is scattered everywhere and broken furniture has been hastily pushed into makeshift barricades. ... but no people ... where are the bodies?

You and your team of specialist Colonial Marines will gear up with serious firepower and head into Hadley's Hope to find survivors and answers. But you're not alone.

To survive, you'll need to work together to keep your cool, and stay frosty to fight off the relentless Xenomorph ambushes and get out there alive.

Box Contains:

4 Double-Sided Game Boards

23 Plastic Miniatures

45 Motion Tracker Cards

60 Endurance Cards

7 Character Cards

1 Rulebook

1 Card Deck

9 Mission Cards

8 Dials

84 Tokens

3 Dice

Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps: A Cooperative Survival Game