Opening Times

Opening times will be as follows; Monday, Closed. Tuesday to Friday 1600 to 2300 Saturday 1100 to 2300 Sunday 1100 to 2000

General Costs

Charges only apply when accessing the Board Game Library. Under 7's play for free. DM's are also Free! £2 per hour, per person, to a maximum charge of £5 where you are welcome to come and go as you please and stay all day. We also offer a members subscription service that brings discounts and a removal of any table charges. I hope you'll join us. :)

Bring your own games

You're more than welcome to bring your own games, unfortunately we will need to charge at weekends as this is peak service and what keeps the wolves from the door but during the week, we're happy to meet you in the middle and call it half. Look we're pretty decent and fair, if you pop in and all have dinner, coffee, beers etc, we're not gonna sting ya. On the flip side, bring your own game, drink water and take a table for 4 hours, well, we're gonna hex you and then probably go bust! :)

Do we sell boardgames?

Absoloutely! Thanks to Covid we had to accelerate retail and now have pretty much everything you could possible want online with a good and growing selection in store. Delivery or click and collect available.

How it Works - COVID Updated

A Game Guru will meet and greet before leading you to a table. We have call buttons on the table that you can use to call over a Guru at any time. Games will be collected from the library by our Guru's, who will be happy to recommend, teach and support you. Simply ping your Guru when you're done and they will take the game into quarantine for a couple of days where we clean and santise them down. Unfortunately this does mean some Games may not be available, so please let us know if there's something that you are specifically looking to play and we'll put it aside for you where possible.

What are D&D Charges?

We treat this as normal service charges of £2 per hour,capped at £5. Having said that, as an independent we have a little more flexibility and always happy to strike a deal if you're frequenting us pretty reguarly and spending a small fortune every week. I'd also say, consider becoming a member!

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